OroPlatform an Skyscraper on top of Symfony Foundations

Say What?

OroPlatform as they show on their site:

… is an Open-Source Business Application Platform (BAP).
It offers developers the exact business application platform they’ve been looking for, by combining the tools they need. Built in PHP5 and the Symfony2 framework …

Its compose of several bundles and libraries that allows you to build “Business Applications” in less time that if you need to develop it from scratch.

As an open source project you can find its code on its github repository and read the official documentation

There are real life applications build on top of this platform:

  • OROCRM. Their main product, the name can point to its value.
  • OROCommerce: A new product also delivered by this company. A B2B e-commerce platform.
  • Akeneo: A Product Information Management platform.
  • Diamante Desk: A help desk
  • TimeLap: A module to track time in OROCRM
  • Marello: ERP for e-commerce

How do you know?

Recently i had an interaction with this platform an was both exiting and frustrating.

The Good

Easy to install

You can easily install the platform just by cloning the repository, perform a composer install and execute the symfony console command for installation or go to the browser, it will show an installation setup. You can find this steps on the official documentation

Value from the start

As previously mention, the platform its compose by several bundles that provide implementation for common tasks and easily extendable through configuration.

Right after installation you got a fully function application with a lot of values, user management and permissions, y ACL; Dashboard, Configurations, Activities, and so much more.


It provides a REST api by default and your bundles will inherit this behavior so you will be delivering a product capable of interact with the mobile world just with 0 effort.


Creating new bundles are really easy nothing different from symfony. But the power of this platform its on how you can add value to your new bundle and interact with this whole platform. You can add tags to your new entity, ownership, activities like email, notes and comments, create dashboard widgets and search over your entities. Those are just a few of the many values you can add to your bundle and to you business at the end.

The Bad

Sadly the documentation is not as detailed as we may expect. That will in many cases face us to miss incredible features or even drop it for lack of examples on how enabling it. As a platform and a open sorce project that can be use as base for many other great products it should be more documented. Maybe the community can help in this scenario.


I really recommend this project, the value you obtain with it its really big just to mention on this post, but as a user of the platform i really recommend to the developer team to focus a little bit on the docs, try to code examples of all use cases, document reference on configurations and interactions. An as a community we should also help to document it.

At the end, thanks so much oro-crm team, excellent work


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