How good is flex? The future of symfony

Since Fabien Potencier first write about symfony flex and the evolution for version 4 and above i start following the post serie and its development. Besides one or two simple tests was not able to use it for real.

Recently i start a new project that is build from scratch and since the development circle involves the launch of symfony 4 we decide to start with flex from the start, use the new project structure and be prepare for that version, and why not enjoy the journey with the new good practices and this flex flow. Another good point that set us on this path was that we will build a micro-service architecture and symfony 4 fits just fine on that pattern.

Flex is just as Fabien describes it:

Symfony Flex is all about making it simple and easy to create any Symfony applications, from the most simple micro-style project to the more complex ones with dozens of dependencies. It automates adding and removing bundles. It takes care of giving you sensible defaults. It helps discovering good bundles.

and it really what it promise, you just need to install new libs and bundles and it auto-configure it for you. The recipes published on the official repository are well integrated with this new feature, not so much the ones on the contrib repository but I think that on this earlier stage is expected to be like that and will improve for sure.

The fingerprint of a fresh installed project is now really small compared with version 3.3 and earlier, what it’s really nice for a ñn small application and even better for a micro-service.

But what about bundles that does not have a recipe yet or even those bundles that does not provide a well configured one, well it’s just Symfony at the end you can do the configuration your self it will take a bit longer but it will work as usual at the end.

Bottom line is that the future of Symfony is brilliant and I bet it will get even better. My advice take a leap of faith and use flex you will love it.


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